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December 28, 2003

i took my 17 year old cousin out last night. together with his cousin jerome, we saw, but we didn't conquer! all of these girls floating around, but none that you can actually have. i wish i were 6'2".

can you believe i was carded at temple!? at first i thought the guy was just going to frisk me, but then he actually asked for my age. i told him i was bente dos, but the shit gave me this blank stare like 'yeah right.' so i whipped out three drivers licenses and told the bastard to check each one of 'em. then realized that once he saw i was legit, he wouldn't bother checking the ID of my cousin who is a big big man. lucky. but what am i supposed to feel? do i really look that young? i should've shoved my IDs up his hairy ass. but anyway i just pushed it aside and drank some more. i really wish i were taller. its not my fault i'm cute. hahah! yeah right.

some new pictures are up. the filipino baho word list has been revived after years of stagnation. well children, here comes another year of random shenanigans. cheers!

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  1. Have a friend named Sam with exactly the same problem. Complains he could not go bar-hopping when in Canada because nobody would believe he was already past 18. But what the hey, he's cute at that size anyway! :)

    Cute ka ba? (hahaha kidding!)

    Imagine if you were bigger and taller -- wouldn't that make you NOT you? :)

  2. think about it, when everyone else is old and wrinkly...you'd still be the youthful looking keroppi!Ü dunno why anj insists on calling you KUYA pol...di talaga bagay!;p

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