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accumulated over the years, little squares of red, blue, and green to tell stories words can't.

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  • memorial day weekend
    sanfo, experiments with wide angle
    [may 2005]
  • getty center
    random photos
    [may 2005]
  • coachella
    coldplay, weezer, NIN, bloc party, snow patrol, etc
    [may 2005]
  • simi valley
    picnic at the park with capoeira batuque
    [april 2005]
  • yardhouse
    at the irvine spectrum
    [april 2005]
  • hot import nights
    LA convention center. hot girls. unh, yeah!
    [march 2005]
  • seattle
    on the train for another round of adventures
    [february 2005]

click here for 2004
  • SEMA - models
    and a separate page for the models. yeah baby!
    [november 2004]
  • SEMA
    check out these sick rides from the 2004 SEMA show at las vegas
    [november 2004]
  • halloween
    back to san francisco for some halloween action with ponts, kathryn, andrea
    [october 2004]
  • san francisco
    drive up to visit kath, watch mountains, and catch badly drawn boy
    [october 2004]
  • santa monica
    chill with joes, cex, bj, slick, tomy
    [september 2004]
  • holy cross
    ADG farty, then off to manhattan with joes, cex, gio, alana
    [september 2004]
  • happy birdie
    at tarzana, it's always good times
    [july 2004]
  • georgetown
    down at DC to smoke things up!
    [june 2004]
  • espiritu wedding
    my good friend's wedding at maryland.
    [june 2004]
  • hooters
    the last lunch of the bachelor!
    [june 2004]

click here for manila 2003-2004
  • grappa's
    a tiny get together before i leave back again to the states. bawal panget haha!
    [june 2004]
  • joey and dima
    happy birthday joesy puno and dima dimacali! yehey at la vista!
    [june 2004]
  • fete dela musique 2004
    eastwood holds a crapload of bands. although sloshed by rain, good music nonetheless..
    [june 2004]
  • batanes
    this is the adventure of a lifetime! the edge of the philippines.. but it seems more like the edge of the earth!
    [may 2004]
  • grilla
    a random mix of fellow project hires and interns from citibank libis.. i will miss all of them! i will soon graduate from being a citi gopher..
    [may 2004]
  • FHM for president
    this is democracy.. this is liberation.. this is.. wow.
    [may 2004]
  • surprise, anna!
    happy birthday at astoria with ms. montenegro and friends!
    [april 2004]
  • the tali beach club
    we've been out of town every weekend for a solid month! tali tres begins here with the boys and special guests bea, maita.. and featuring superstar amber!
    [april 2004]
  • puerto galera
    escaping the sizzling summer heat.. i've never seen so many people at the beach at one time! holy week madness!
    [april 2004]
  • tagaytay
    i can't remember anything except for the bad tasting gin.
    [march 2004]
  • tali beach deuce
    the whole gang troops up to tali beach. eleven casualties, and countless fun times!
    [march 2004]
  • manila polo club
    BSA with nikki! i guess you're never too old to have fun :)
    [march 2004]
  • nuvo
    launch of citibank's new visa mini at greenbelt. raya the supermodel and a few other pics!
    [february 2004]
  • tutuban
    heading out to unknown strange lands with eggy, naz, and genie. but these are just random car shots. poops!
    [february 2004]
  • twisted halo album launch
    at freedom bar with jonaks, pia, ping, and a whole lotta red horse.
    [january 2004]
  • denisey denichiwa
    on the plane, on the beach, underneath the christmas tree.. anywhere you go, she'be the cutest niece that can be!
    [december 2003]
  • enzo at tapika
    happy birthday enzo! we head on down to tapika to check out BC for their tuesday gigs this month. watch enzo sing!
    [november 2003]
  • happy halloween
    why ask for free candy when you can get a free gig and free beer instead? music to my ears.. and beer belly!
    [october 2003]
  • tali beach
    the boys head out to batangas for the beach. yay! see us wear speedos! just kidding.
    [october 2003]
  • my farty
    in my house, eating and drinking while rebels wire c4 explosives around the financial district of makati.. thanks for those who came and braved the danger! wooh!
    [july 2003]

click here for loyola 2003
  • saddle ranch
    the sunset strip, a mechanical bull, a couple of drinks, and a cheering squad. sounds like a recipe for putting the FU back in FUN!
    [july 2003]
  • jenny's 21st
    it's about time that we can go out with jenny! and it's about time we go drink! and dance :D
    [june 2003]
  • summer fun
    we're all bored. so let's party!
    [june 2003]
  • the end
    the moments leading up to the most expensive piece of paper my parents have ever bought.
    [may 2003]
  • nikki's debut
    my cousin nicole's birthday bash
    [may 2003]
  • leavey-isms
    my new neighbors are the best.. although nick is the hairiest guy on the planet.
    [may 2003]
  • senior banquet
    so fast, so fun, so free..
    [april 2003]
  • bonners and the mathieus
    the bonn kids get together with the mathieus for some good food and good times!
    [april 2003]
  • kappa alpha theta formal
    on a boat at the marina, we numb ourselves with drinks to ward off the damn cold air.. party on!
    [april 2003]
  • ellen's 21st
    no more fakes for ms. stuttheit... harry o's is now in session!
    [april 2003]
  • tarzana barbecue
    cesar chavez gives us the golden california sun, a heated pool, good food, and good friends sharing an amazing sunday!
    [march 2003]
  • senior's night
    the birds nest fills up with the next batch of alums... who are going to face a really crappy job market. dollar beers anyone?
    [march 2003]
  • peach towers
    its sarah and jamie's birthday at the peach towers!
    [march 2003]
  • spring break at puerto vallarta
    mucho caliente! basking in the sun, muskets go mexican on their last spring break..
    [march 2003]
  • the last charter bowl
    what is this commotion? what is this craziness? what is.. all this alcohol?
    [february 2003]