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September 27, 2003
i don't even know where to begin. read the last entry. remember when i said i was expecting to get robbed or total the car? i should've knocked on wood.

two hours after i picked GP up from the airport, i parked our nissan patrol at an ajacent lot right next to chowking along quezon ave. we ate for a brisk 20 minutes, and walked back to the car. as i unlocked the car and opened my door, GP shouted "fuck!" and i had this split second snapshot of his face peering through the passenger window - or the absence of it. what the fuck?! why is the window down? what's he screaming about? i look down at the seat, and there was the window shattered in teeny bits of greenish blue glass, held together by a sheet of gray window tint. i was confused for another full second, and then gp started jumping up and down and cursing, and then i realized what happened. hey man, i've had a shitty week. and here comes my friend from the states, going out of his way to visit me in manila, and he gets jacked the first two hours he gets here. what a damn lousy predicament. he must think manila is such a ghetto and unsafe place. it is, but this is the first time this has ever happened to me.

casualties: gp's clothes, my cloves, and his passport. he's supposed to leave on monday for crying out loud. and here he is, losing a passport in the fucking mecca of red tape. lost passport = 15 days of processing. oh great. poor guy needs to show up for a second job interview, but he'll be stuck here for another two weeks. our days are spent diligently following up on paperwork and requirements, and the nights are spent drinking to forget about the problems, albeit the occasional expletives, injectives, and infinite wishings of bad karma at the bastard who broke my frikkin' car window and stole gio's passport. we'll all die eventually, but hopefully that bastard gets what he deserves.

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