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September 24, 2003

tuesday nights at bagaberde :)what the hell is going on?!

last night, my digital camera fell from my table. the LCD is shattered from the inside. i've always been extremely careful with it, but for some reason it fell as i shuffled some things on my desk. i wasn't too happy, really. so that's it huh, take care of something and it just breaks on a whim. so i drove off to makati to have it fixed today and afterwards on the way to seattles best coffee where i was supposed to work on design stuff, the car i was driving died after two hours plowing through metro traffic. how convenient, eh? the cops come, and tell me that there's a new ordinance that makes it illegal to keep a stalled car in the middle of EDSA. great. they say i need to get it towed.

anyway, i didn't want to get into the nuances of their system. if i had it towed, i needed to cough up 1,500php (30usd, but thats a princely sum especially when you're unemployed budgeting on allowance). they didn't give me too much trouble though, cos this other guy who claimed to be working for the MMDA also was butting into their business. apparently the guy was drunk. so they "tow" my car 50 meters to the MMDA station underneath the overpass, and a mechanic comes to switch the dead battery. i gave them 600php for merienda.

you gotta love the philippines. what i don't understand is the string of badluck that's been hounding me lately. tomorrow i'm expecting to get shot, robbed, or total the car. but then again, GP the bastard is coming to visit me in manila. he has pictures of his trip from boracay. i guess that's my punishment later on during the day. *siigh*

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