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September 26, 2006

i'm sitting at the airport terminal for a flight back out to houston, and the family beside me has three young girls. the eldest of which is probably no older than 8, but most definitely weighs much more than i do. i'm crossing my fingers and my toes that i don't sit next to them on the plane since they're producing a lot of unnecessary noise and i might try to jump out of the plane. i need to buy earplugs. and it doesn't help that my ipod has nothing interesting since i stopped downloading music awhile ago..

before i got to this point, i wandered to the check-in counter only to realise in horror that i misplaced my drivers license in another pair of pants back home, since i took it out of my wallet to make a photocopy for my dad. chalk one up for stupidity. so i used my infallible charm and bambi-eyed the attendant into patching me through the flight.

oops, boarding now. later, los angeles.

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  1. your drivers license is pretty much the equivalent of your passport when you're travelling domestic - not a good idea to lose when you're in the middle of a tight hammie wheel. :)

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