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September 29, 2006

this looks like my last day of fieldwork at houston. i've taken a liking to this city, aside from the fact that i'm located southwest of downtown proper, in a funny little suburb called sugar land. the people are pretty, genuinely friendly, terribly honest, real estate is affordable, and beer is cheap. it's not a bad spot at all.

the clouds of complacency are starting to pool again. i always replay images of me hopping on trains, nothing but a pack on my back, an open eye, and an eager mind. in as much as i try to parallel my disposition to the other tasks i've sold myself to, i can stretch my morals pretty thin, but it doesn't help that my mind keeps wandering on all different directions. it's one thing to dream of something, and it's another to build it. it's one thing to make promises, and it's another, to keep it.

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