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Year: 2004

cex is gone from my city. and to quote napoleon dynamite, "demmit! stop ruining my life!" it has been an interesting trip. cecile managed to discover quite a lot of things that i wouldn't normally find had i been undisturbed from my quest to become reigning yahoo pool grandmaster champion. friends should visit me more often!

last night we headed out to ventura to watch gomez. they played an amazing show, with a 2-hour long set! definitely a great way to cap off three days of gig surfing, those guys really brought it down. while you can't always have things your way, i lost my glasses at the beach afterwards. two hours of combing came up empty handed in the middle of the night. good thing i bought an extra pair in manila when i was being picky over two frames. man, i suck.

well, back to everday life. the world is never small enough, and it turns yet again with you and me on different sides of the planet. then a tiny little voice asks, "is it the journey, or the destination?" i guess we'll find out when we get there. wherever it is. :)

cecile met the major proponents of gopezcorp a few minutes ago. it was a classic king benny opening: "anong pangalan ng tatay mo? eh ang nanay mo?... sabi ko na nga ba eh." anyone who's had the opportunity to meet my dad in a personal setting will understand the commotion of the locomotion. we all sat down for the length of a good hour. i love king benny, he's quite the character.

in other news, cecile discovered a cool joint along fairfax last night, 'soul sessions' at this club called fais do-do. open mic freestyle hip-hop fused with funk jazz rhythms from a breakbeat band. definitely a step up on things that i've seen this side of the world. it makes me wonder why all of these gorgeous gigs are happening in LA under my nose without me knowing it. maybe i'm too busy at home playing yahoo pool? in any case, mad props to my current partner in crime. 'sup bebegurl, buti nalang nandiyan kaaa. today we saw a UK band called hope of the states at the el rey theater, and tomorrow we're heading up to ventura for some gomez action. my friends are the coolest cats ever. let the good times roll!

it's been a long week. just wanted to share a picture. click! more to follow from cecile and joey's trip. wooo! :)

a cop car, two ambulances, and a firetruck later, the prettiest girl tonight apologized a little awkwardly when the call she made to report a guy lying on the side of the road in residential manhattan beach was just passed out drunk from another round of saturday shenanigans. its the most amusing thing i've seen in quite a bit- her concern makes her so much more endearing. dear miss, there's no need to apologise when you're an angel :)

after scouring the internet for leads on how to end my reign as yahoo pool champion bum extraordinaire, i have three simultaneous voices ringing in my head. should i go down with the master plan and pawn my soul to the white collar sweatshops? it would be interesting to see what amount they'd put over my head, whether i was prime cut selling at a premium or disposable dog meat. quite honestly though that would come as a side dish because i have other reasons why i'd pawn myself to the financial district. i'm using that as leverage to break myself into bigger, more important fields.

that second voice sings that i should jet my ass out of any comfort zones i'm in, and travel to another far flung country where i can maximize the adventurous spirit my youth can afford to give me (read: no responsibilities, no family to feed, no nothing). just another brave new world to conquer. or am i just polluting myself with reasons to go to japan? seriously though, i could use another overdose of long-term culture shock. say no to drugs, yes to travelling.

in the back of my mind toys an idea of working for a non-profit org, or possibly even volunteer work. mostly though, i just want to make a difference. if not in other people's lives, making a difference in my own is enough - meaning i don't exist just to go through the motions of a 'life'. i want to know that i'm awake not because i wokeup this morning, but i'm awake because there's something i have to do, i have a reason, i have a purpose. and if there's something i need to do right now, its to shut the hell up and go to bed. so much for my analogies. i'm crossing my fingers, there's a big road ahead.

kathlyn is a crazy cat. i love my friends, they're such kooks! they make me realize that the crazy dreams i conjure up the back of my mind can't be too far out of reach. woooo!

loyola undisputably has the hottest girls on this side of the planet. and with the ratio up to 73% female, how can you go wrong? i wish i could be a freshman again. awhile ago i saw the prettiest indonesian student. diversity, it does a university reaaaal good. hooray for higher education!

in microsoft word's pathetic attempt to simplify document processing, it sure does manage to complicate things out of proportion. by trying to 'automate' certain procedures, all it really does is put a leash on your neck and tie you down, making the amount of time to formulate a standardized style sheet longer by a factor of 5. imagine how many yahoo pool games i could've played! the horror. have i succeeded in complicating a simple task, or has software these days jumped the gun on GIGO by tranforming the machine into a babbling idiot box?

i've no clue why people have managed to press my wrong buttons in rapid succession. one or the other is fine, but crap can only be taken in moderation. times like these, i want to dust off my backpack and look for the next adventure.. and flush the thought of everyone else away.

i was jolted awake this morning by a small critter creeping inside my slightly open lips. as i spew out the crummy little bastard, i realize it was a small shard from my retainer. i don't know if i should be relieved in knowing that it wasn't a live creature, or the thought that my sexy dentists are thousands of miles away on a different continent.

is it safe to piece it back using superglue? i guess someone's telling me it's a bad idea since the tube i had already hardened into acrylic rigor mortis. i want to get a new dentist, but i feel like i'm betraying my old one if i did. oh, i'm such a sap.

so.. you don't even have the common decency to turn your back to talk to me when you're hanging out with your new "friends", don't you? you make me stand behind you like an idiot and don't mind me. what're you trying to prove? i don't care if you're a cool cat now, all i know is i'm quite happy that i never needed to reaffirm myself by paying to have friends, unlike your sorry little ass. i was hoping that you knew better, but you just brought yourself a notch lower. what a sad little schmuck you are.

inside, a light flickers casting your shadow a quivering dance beneath your feet. did you ever notice that any part of your body will never be detached from your shadow, unless you were floating?

happy birthday, barbs :)

amazing in spite of your tiny arms how you managed to have given me the biggest hug that i've ever received. in an instant, i knew that everything that ever really matter in my life can't be found in the mundane world outside the tiny circle of your sweet little embrace. and you know what, you're just so damn adorable. i love you nisey :)

i wish i could dream in color for my every waking moment. talk in poetry, think in song. paint with my mind, speak with my soul. it's always a long day the moment i open my eyes. an even longer one when i close them.



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