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September 27, 2004

cex is gone from my city. and to quote napoleon dynamite, "demmit! stop ruining my life!" it has been an interesting trip. cecile managed to discover quite a lot of things that i wouldn't normally find had i been undisturbed from my quest to become reigning yahoo pool grandmaster champion. friends should visit me more often!

last night we headed out to ventura to watch gomez. they played an amazing show, with a 2-hour long set! definitely a great way to cap off three days of gig surfing, those guys really brought it down. while you can't always have things your way, i lost my glasses at the beach afterwards. two hours of combing came up empty handed in the middle of the night. good thing i bought an extra pair in manila when i was being picky over two frames. man, i suck.

well, back to everday life. the world is never small enough, and it turns yet again with you and me on different sides of the planet. then a tiny little voice asks, "is it the journey, or the destination?" i guess we'll find out when we get there. wherever it is. :)

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