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Opposable Thumbs FTW

Nickel's yoga pose.

katgangoso: il bet he'll be so happy to see you
Lovine: i wonder who'll be happier...
Lovine: what if we test it
Lovine: in a field
Lovine: whoever runs to me and gets to me first
Lovine: gets the first hug and kiss!
katgangoso: ha!!
Lovine: hee hee hee
katgangoso: eh he runs faster!!
Lovine: ...
Lovine: do you love me..
Lovine: do you miss me....
katgangoso: he's got 4 legs!
Lovine: ...
katgangoso: i only have 2!
Lovine: ........
Lovine: do you miss me..
katgangoso: ikaw ha!!!
Lovine: ..
katgangoso: i do!!!!!!!
Lovine: then show me babes
Lovine: show me what you got
katgangoso: sige ka itatali ko siya tapos tatakbo ako HAHAHAHA
katgangoso: that's what you get when you have fingers! BOO-YA!
Lovine: OMGG

Cough Syrup

Took a shot of Robitussin late last night, and slept like a lush for ten hours. The dog had already been up early, and I woke up when he jumped back into bed and stared at me with a quizzical tilt to his head. So I lifted the comforter, and he promptly walked in and snuggled to my side, and I slept for another hour like the pig that I am. Snort.

The Couch

Feliz Compleaños!

To our favorite baby boy.


Can't believe you're turning 6, and I'm not there to be at the farty! Hope your Mama Kat gets you tacos and a big fat burrito cake for you to stuff your face on. I bet that'd make you happy :)

I love you!!!

Photobooth Weekends

Me, Kat, and Nickel

Nickel's first time. I think he is finalizing an exit strategy on the last frame.

Taken last weekend inside a vintage/thrift store in the city (SF) which had one of those old school photobooths hidden in the back - the kind that still develops the picture. None of that digital crap. Hooray for analog! And using chemicals! Digital photobooths have no soul!

Frustrating Fridays

Is it really Friday?

Right before I leave the house, the dog decides to piss all over his leg. Must be a sign of things to come.

When I get to the office, one of the guys tells me that a jackass customer ran off with a box of paint and other tidbits from the shop.

Fortunately, we setup surveillance cameras throughout the showroom floor, and caught the bastard on video. So I've spent the past couple of hours trying to figure out how to export the damn video, or even just screenshots of the schmuck into a USB key, and it ain't working. Trying to access it through the network isn't happening either, looks like it would only work with an old version of IE. Why am I always stuck with crap software? Nothing ever f cking works the way it should.

So I decide to take a break and pickup my freshly coated exhaust parts from Pyramid Powdercoaters down the street. I take the dog out with me, and he decides to piss on his leg. Again.

I need a beer. Like, 3 hours ago.

Friday Afternoons

It's one of those days that you need a beer for no good reason. Just because.

The Visitor

Someone showed up at the door this afternoon. I'll let you guess who was a bit upset about it.

I wanted to keep him/her, but the consensus was an overwhelming "no!". :'c

PS. Jetlag is a bitch.


Apparently, you can teach old dogs new tricks.

Keep Walking

My time is always late, my dreams are always far fetched. My feet are always itchy, my needs are never met. My world continuously spins, like seconds on a clock. My life is never here nor there, just like my lost socks.


Nickel and the Giant Stache

The Giant 'Stache, is a great friend to have. Who is yours?


Preparing for a week in Vegas for the SEMA show, and then our annual Death Valley excursion with a handful of friends in tow.

I need to create a more efficient packing system, in terms of getting what I need quickly, and figuring out the absolute minimum I need to bring. Although I have become adept to last minute crash course packing, the multiplying white hairs on the side of my head indicate that I cannot afford to leave the house without the damn SD card again. I usually start with a handwritten packing list, but it seems like it gets longer each trip I take...


I'd rather just hop on, and go. Far. Away.

Oh, Friday


I'm not complaining that my week went by quickly - Fridays are always the start of something fun. :)

Off to San Francisco to see the Flaming Lips!!

Mt. Griffith

Climbing Mt. Griffith Park

Climbing out of a parking lot is a lot harder than it looks. Don't believe the obvious!


"Today, I turn five. And tomorrow is always another adventure that life brings, always I wonder what it shall bring. To chilly camping in Yosemite, a boorish office day, or a leisure trip to the park. The best part really, is when my Mama Kat comes home from an airport called Burbank. Happy Birthday to me, the little furball with a black birthmark (on my balls). So come and visit me, ya'll."

Nick, you're the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for. Even if you have accidents and are a needy little bastard, I will love you for only another 5 years unless you start growing nicer hair that I don't need to brush every frikkin' day, prissy boy. Gosh.



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