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Opposable Thumbs FTW

July 15, 2010

Nickel's yoga pose.

katgangoso: il bet he'll be so happy to see you
Lovine: i wonder who'll be happier...
Lovine: what if we test it
Lovine: in a field
Lovine: whoever runs to me and gets to me first
Lovine: gets the first hug and kiss!
katgangoso: ha!!
Lovine: hee hee hee
katgangoso: eh he runs faster!!
Lovine: ...
Lovine: do you love me..
Lovine: do you miss me....
katgangoso: he's got 4 legs!
Lovine: ...
katgangoso: i only have 2!
Lovine: ........
Lovine: do you miss me..
katgangoso: ikaw ha!!!
Lovine: ..
katgangoso: i do!!!!!!!
Lovine: then show me babes
Lovine: show me what you got
katgangoso: sige ka itatali ko siya tapos tatakbo ako HAHAHAHA
katgangoso: that's what you get when you have fingers! BOO-YA!
Lovine: OMGG

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