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i have a slight crush on my dentist. she always kids around that instead of wiring the brackets of my braces, they should just wire my neck instead (i was late today and they ended up till 7pm). its funny how they try talking to me when their hands are in my mouth. well aside from the fact that the three of them (lovely ladies) are quite endearing, one of them has a really nice ass too. ahh, the perils of being a small boy. why does this happen? i wish i could invite them out for some ice cream.
there's something terribly wrong with my sleeping and eating habits. i wakeup for a few hours in the morning, take a nap the whole afternoon, and stay awake until sunrise. i end up eating once or twice a day, cos i only regain consciousness after lunch but closer to dinner.. so i just wait for dinner. baad. i'm scrawny enough as it is, and i need to get out of this rut. i think its time to get a day job, and go to the gym to normalize like everyone else. and when i start doing things like these, i know i have a lot of time on my hands: click here. by the way, i might start working for DTI- department of trade and industry. let's see what will happen.. sorry friends in america, i'll be delayed until further notice :'c

i'm ugly. but who cares? :) *grin*

happy birthday, therese child :)

holey moley! my site is a semi-finalist to this year's philippine web awards! i was wondering what was up with the sudden spike in hits (almost 4x the normal daily!). puh, and i thought all my friends just love and miss me! haha just kidding guys!:* i'd ask all of you to vote for me, for people's choice.. but yeah right.. lets be realistic here. with my string of badluck, i don't even want to know what will happen next! i'm enjoying the random good things that come along my way though. :) i'm gathering stuff for therese's birthday on friday, hopefully everything comes out well! will post pictures if all is well! oops i forgot- my camera is busted. anyway.. cheers guys, and.. thank you :)

i was pulled over by kotong cops for allegedly beating the red last night on a small t-intersection along e. rodriguez. i just scratched my head at what a lousy day it had been, considering that ateneo lost to FEU a few hours before. and it didn't help that the guy was fugly cos he only had one tooth left on his lower jaw which was already rotting as well. i was too numb to feel like bashing his face in while he stood there explaining how much of a hassle it would be for me to have my license suspended for 15 days, go through a whole-day seminar, and pay 1000php in fees for reckless driving. and so i lost 200php to grease money.. i should've shown him what reckless driving is, by running over his ugly ass when i had the chance.

the bad luck never runs out eh? so i went out to the living room to watch the big lasalle-ateneo game the other day. apparently, i managed to lock myself out of my room. even though the door was unlocked and turning, the mechanism inside the door decided to get fucked over, and nothing would budge. we had to kick the door open. i wonder what would've happened if i locked myself inside my room. but then again, there's always the fire escape through the window. my feelings are already immune to bad luck, i'm too happy-go-lucky for it to bother me. besides, i think i have good karma anyway.

went out and saw some old friends today. paolo bugayong and ej solis, i miss those bastards. its high time we had a beer. good times, but i need to see those guys (and everyone else) more often. if you haven't seen me in awhile, chances are, i miss your sorry little ass too- so call or text me, and lets go out. where the hell is everyone?!

i don't even know where to begin. read the last entry. remember when i said i was expecting to get robbed or total the car? i should've knocked on wood.

two hours after i picked GP up from the airport, i parked our nissan patrol at an ajacent lot right next to chowking along quezon ave. we ate for a brisk 20 minutes, and walked back to the car. as i unlocked the car and opened my door, GP shouted "fuck!" and i had this split second snapshot of his face peering through the passenger window - or the absence of it. what the fuck?! why is the window down? what's he screaming about? i look down at the seat, and there was the window shattered in teeny bits of greenish blue glass, held together by a sheet of gray window tint. i was confused for another full second, and then gp started jumping up and down and cursing, and then i realized what happened. hey man, i've had a shitty week. and here comes my friend from the states, going out of his way to visit me in manila, and he gets jacked the first two hours he gets here. what a damn lousy predicament. he must think manila is such a ghetto and unsafe place. it is, but this is the first time this has ever happened to me.

casualties: gp's clothes, my cloves, and his passport. he's supposed to leave on monday for crying out loud. and here he is, losing a passport in the fucking mecca of red tape. lost passport = 15 days of processing. oh great. poor guy needs to show up for a second job interview, but he'll be stuck here for another two weeks. our days are spent diligently following up on paperwork and requirements, and the nights are spent drinking to forget about the problems, albeit the occasional expletives, injectives, and infinite wishings of bad karma at the bastard who broke my frikkin' car window and stole gio's passport. we'll all die eventually, but hopefully that bastard gets what he deserves.

tuesday nights at bagaberde :)what the hell is going on?!

last night, my digital camera fell from my table. the LCD is shattered from the inside. i've always been extremely careful with it, but for some reason it fell as i shuffled some things on my desk. i wasn't too happy, really. so that's it huh, take care of something and it just breaks on a whim. so i drove off to makati to have it fixed today and afterwards on the way to seattles best coffee where i was supposed to work on design stuff, the car i was driving died after two hours plowing through metro traffic. how convenient, eh? the cops come, and tell me that there's a new ordinance that makes it illegal to keep a stalled car in the middle of EDSA. great. they say i need to get it towed.

anyway, i didn't want to get into the nuances of their system. if i had it towed, i needed to cough up 1,500php (30usd, but thats a princely sum especially when you're unemployed budgeting on allowance). they didn't give me too much trouble though, cos this other guy who claimed to be working for the MMDA also was butting into their business. apparently the guy was drunk. so they "tow" my car 50 meters to the MMDA station underneath the overpass, and a mechanic comes to switch the dead battery. i gave them 600php for merienda.

you gotta love the philippines. what i don't understand is the string of badluck that's been hounding me lately. tomorrow i'm expecting to get shot, robbed, or total the car. but then again, GP the bastard is coming to visit me in manila. he has pictures of his trip from boracay. i guess that's my punishment later on during the day. *siigh*

my thinkpad's battery shorted out. it needs to be replaced ($$$). i'm terribly upset and annoyed beyond reason. well, i think its my fault to begin with anyway- i took the battery out for a few weeks cos i was worried that being constantly plugged would eventually kill it. lo and behold, i got the very thing i was trying to avoid! why does this shit happen?! and i'm pissed at those new centrino laptops.. 6 hours of battery life.. intergrated wireless.. *siigh*. we'll all forever be obsolete. what a sham!
hi, my name is lovine, and i think i'm blind.

i've just received word that albert, the asian doug, is rushing for ADG (alpha delta gamma). who the hell would've thunk!? the 5th year super senior taking up another major in accounting.. our very own chinny chinitos, rushing for ADG?! and i heard that everyone liked him. not that there's something wrong with people liking albert.. its just... weird. he's one damn peculiar character (and hence my friend). the world is just turning upside down, brah. you'll know if you knew albert. actually if i had another year at loyola, i would've totally rushed for ADG. that's whats disturbing about the whole thing. i've also wanted to get an accounting degree. is albert my idol? ... ah shiiit.

for some more normal developments, i heard that the rumors about andrea making out with her co-worker in the bathroom are apparently more than mere hearsay! cheers to the quest for truth, justice, and andrea's way of scoring boys!! yay!!

this is our dog amber :)i am in shock!! for the sake of curtailing gossip i shall omit the details so bear with me and my mysteries. but what's the point in having a blog if i can't talk about how i feel re: finding out that one of my friends is getting married?! i almost shat my pants!! i'm totally stoked, but what bothers me is what, have i been living under a rock?! am i in a fucking time-space-warp?! this is just plain strange. funny thing is, all of this was to be expected anyway. for some reason that's what makes it even more surprising!! all these major things going on under my nose yet outside my head! i don't know about these kinds of jack-in-the-boxes.. when the rug is pulled from underneath you, you end up banging your head against the floor and getting concussions and possibly head trauma. now if you see me confused lately, you'll understand.. but most probably you wouldn't. maybe everyone i know is just growing up except for me and peter pan. oh, and other immature boys like me :)

ich vermisse deutscheland! ich vermisse meine freunde nach deutscheland. tut mir leid, meine deutsche ist nicht so gut. ich versuche. ich hoffe daß besuche ich nach bonn, es ist macht spaß! trinken wir? es ist wichtig in leben daß wir machen spaß. prost! :D
for a split second, i thought to myself if i would be drinking beer ten years from now. would i stop drinking because it means different for me now than it would then? would i stop drinking because i have a different set of priorities, and different reasons for being? well, the second passed and i could still imagine drinking myself silly. but then again, thats just an image in my head. who knows what could happen.

shared a few beers with alexis. he's an interesting character. thank god for my metabolism.. i've accepted the fact that i'll never be fat. i'll always be stickly thin, whether you like it or not. cheers to that i guess :) and to random gym workouts and pilates balls :)

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