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There are nights I hover on the verge of lucid dreaming, where I manage to skip along the surface. Low enough to barely arouse any suspicion of absurdity, protected by the depths of slumber. Later on you realize, you could've had so much more fun if you knew you were in control.

We should listen to our dreams more often. Sometimes, absurdity lies in the truths we embrace when we are awake, and the wonderful things we reject as impossible in our dreams.

To wake up, from being 'awake'. To dream, the deepest and grandest dreams.

One, Two, Jump



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Dos Años, Mi Sobrina


Almost 3, and always awesome, all the time. :)

Ancient Bristlecone Pine in Infrared

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

The harder they struggle, the longer they live. 4,000 years later, still teaching us what it really means to be alive.

Regrets are for Losers

At the Border

Two years ago today, we crossed the Canadian border into the 49th US state. Even though we barely rolled in as the border agent literally pushed us back into America, driving to Alaska (roughly similar distance from LA-NY) via an air-cooled VW is one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime.

Take your chances, and most especially the time to do the things in life that you dream of. Because while dreams are made when you close your eyes, they only come true when you wake up and make them happen. #vw #volkswagen #bus #alaska #goforgold #roadtrip #homeiswhereyouparkit

Dear Daddy Ike


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Garage Sale Vinyl

A pretty girl checking out some vinyl at a garage sale down the street from the wedding she just attended.

A pretty girl checking out some vinyl at a garage sale down the street from the wedding she just attended. I like her. A lot. :)

In Transit


There is no permanence in anything. Are you coming, or are you going? How long is too long? How far is too far? Is this the journey, or the destination?

Tiny People



When things are, or aren't going your way- take a deep breath and take things into perspective.

When It's Hot


It feels good to get wet.

The View

To deflate your sense of self importance, humble yourself and immerse in the real world outside fleeting relationships. So maybe one day you can share something more interesting than your selfie last night and the food you ate this morning. When your bed is comfortable, that probably means the view is not that great. #nofilter #ihatehashtags

Year Two

Screen shot 2012-02-19 at 9.37.34 PM

Revolutions of the earth, phases of the moon, rotations of our lives. It wasn't a long time ago that we drove out into the desert in our air-cooled VW, dragged out our immediate family and forced our best friend to legally wed us. After all, this was the very definition of our church - a sacred place of worship that all at once represented our belief in the inherent beauty of nature, the fragility of the earth, the mysteries of life, and our mind-defying ability to fall in love.

There are times that we get pulled into the trappings of daily life. Each of us needs a foothold to keep us anchored to the blossoms of slowly understanding who we are in the greater scheme of things. To remind ourselves that life does not last forever, but the beauty we create inside and outside our relationships hopefully will.

The Cool Cats Club




The End of a Starter


Bit the bullet and paid a pricey sum for a new GoWesty gear reduction high-torque starter. We are kinda hoping that the days of having to crawl under the passenger rear wheel to whack the solenoid with a mallet to turn the bus would be behind us.

Looking back, we've been (temporarily) stranded in many interesting places because of this no-start issue. At freezing campgrounds beside foul amounts of horse shit. In the cold mornings of Utah, Quebec, Montreal. Perhaps the most iconic was when the border agent had to help us push Vanessa back into the USA from Canada.

Did the swap earlier today, and everything came together nicely, which is always a definite cause of worry as Murphy tends to remind us. Upon test fire, Kat and I looked at each other as it buzzed into life in a much higher tone than what we are used to. It kinda sounds like a spaceship taking off, and will take some getting used to. In the meantime, I will go write a song about The End of a Starter is the Start of Another.

Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis

A year ago today, we were living in our VW, making our way to Alaska during our honeymoon.
A year ago today, we slept under a glowing night sky of the Aurora Borealis.

When was the last time you experienced what it means to be truly alive?

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