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the mexican sun burned my back. yes! its been awhile since i was sunburned, and its not a fun experience. anyway there are some good pictures, maybe i'll post them up sometime. what's really funny is that puerto vallarta reminded me of cebu so much! the roads, and everything. pv just seems more touristy, and the locals always thought we were canadians for some reason. we're not canadian, eh! hehe.

digitalrice is really pissing me off. i paid for hosting 3 weeks ago and i still haven't been able to access my account. if you want something more reliable, look somewhere else. no wonder they charge cheap.

ate a lot of dimsum on saturday. i'm allergic to shrimp, so i don't think it was a really good idea.. but the dimsum was just damn amazingly good. after lunch with the family i lay in bed, and thought i was about to turn chinese with the sheer amount that i ate. plus my hands were turning a little numb, i was kinda worried that i would just stop breathing. hehe. but its a good way to go i guess. sunday i attended this gopez meeting, it was pretty intense. there's a lot of stuff in the air and its funny seeing my dad and them siblings shout and be their usual gopezes... good thing my dad regulated, or it would've been really hairy.

leaving for puerto vallarta tomorrow. lets see how mexico goes :)

its dawning into the wee hours of the morning, and i've successfully installed this blogger thingie. its the start of spring break and while all my suitemates are frolicking about the UK, here i am blinding myself in front of two computer monitors. hooray. but at least i have tuesday to look forward to - puerto vallarta with my gorgeous muskets!!

its 221am.. building a new blog, and hopefully more beautiful things for the web which i've successfully neglected...

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