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August 7, 2003
maria's mistress, shampoo ni lola, dahong palay, edge of illusions, shanghaied, annointed cherubs, ang grupong pendong, half life half death, ba'giw, drone, balahibumpooza, tribal fish, backdraft, datu's tribe, bonehead, dr. faust...

can you help me name more? :)

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  1. hi. i saw your blogsite dated august 7 i see you know the band annointed cherubs? have you seen them play? do you have news about them lately?

  2. Mule,
    I know An(n)ointed Cherubs, albeit not personally, because my band Half Life Half Death was included in two compilation albums of which the Cherubs were also a part.

    I received an e-mail several weeks ago from the band's guitarist. He said that the band has been defunct since the late '90s.

  3. Test? Test? is this on?

    Hi! I'm Jun of Shampoo ni Lola. Nice to hear that aside from our neighbors, you still remember our band. FYI, we broke up around 2000. Chill!

  4. this is on! don't know if you guys will get to read this comment, but i'd really love to get a CD of that dozen alternatives compilation.. the music during that time was really something else!

  5. Hi there, just want to inform you that we decided to re-group just last quarter of 2005. we are currently compiling an album. Check out our yahoo group just in case your interested. Chill!

  6. Hi, thanks for mentioning our group too (Annointed Cherubs).. Yup, Alfie's right.. the band actually decided to call it quits in 1999' and went on different ways.. Presently, Elvin(guitar 2) is now in Ohio. Bryan (Singer) now works in a Hotel. Brad(drums) has his own biz. Neng(bass) still plays with some groups. and me, (Michael by the way. -- guitar 1). works here in ortigas area..

    When Elvin comes back for a vacation maybe we will have this get together gig (I guess..) but for now.. IM having this group again to be out next year... :)

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