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August 6, 2003

is the color of the sky a different type of blue right before daybreak, versus right after sunset? when the dark of night starts to slowly fade into the subtle blue, is it the same color when the sun sets, only in reverse? something tells me that it might not be, due to the way the light hits the earth.. i was looking at how the blue increasingly started to turn into a pastel like tinge; maybe that's just because of the presence of more light entering the atmosphere, versus less light when the sky wanes from red to blue to black. what the hell am i saying.

i was working from 9pm-5am tonight. nine to five like any normal human being.. except it was the complete opposite on the clock! was working for cita astals, a city councilor for manila, doing a rush design project needed to be done by tonight. while it was supposed to be an invitation of sorts for the groundbreaking ceremony of this new road, it ended up looking like a newspaper. that's what she gets for being so rushed.. and i got paid peanuts too. i felt like i was in high school again, cramming another project. although it wasn't a healthy habit, the life skills of learning how to work under pressure and deal with the omnipresent murphy's law is priceless.

everytime i see barbie's picture, it hurts. i'm such a sad, sappy little fool. who will be my medicine? who will be my poison pill?

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