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January 9, 2009

I got a haircut yesterday at J-Hair in Salcedo Village, where the guy who cuts my hair speaks barely any English. I was debating to crop it again, but I guess a few snips and a lot of wax makes a big difference. For me at least, because nobody else noticed I had a cut.

Afterwards, I headed out to LPL Towers to pay KT a visit. A few hours and a lot of juicy stories later, I went outside to find that my car had disappeared. Apparently, I missed the big red sign that said TOW AWAY NO PARKING 5pm-7pm. Perfect, since I was inside from 5-7! How awesome is that! So I took a cab to the impounding lot where the car was towed, payed the 1000PHP fine, and got away from an additional 500PHP license ticket fee because I had no Philippine license and because I was dashing and handsome and reminded the goons of an actor on GMA 7.

So I thank the officers for making it a painless transaction, and proceed to start the car. Then the idiot lights come on and the console reads "Coolant Level Low, Stop Engine". Crap. I head out to a gas station around the corner to pop the hood and place a call to King Benny, and find out there is still a partial can of engine coolant in the spare wheel well. Instructions are to mix it 50-50 with water, but the can only has 1/8th remaining, and the container that's supposed to be topped up is bone-dry empty. Pretty useless, and the console still has the warning. I figure I can baby the car back to Magallanes since it's only a 10-15 minute drive, but I keep an eagle eye out on the thermostat. So far so good, until I reach the last 200 meters to my house when the temperature starts climbing up. I inch my way into the parking, and barely make it! There is a hissing sound coming from the radiator and liquid is dripping underneath the hood. My brother jokes that I've reached my car-disaster quota for this year. In my last Manila trip last July, a taxi swerved into my lane and hit my car the night before I leave back for the US.

And as if things couldn't get any worse, I had an awesome allergy attack because of what I ate for dinner at home while I pondered my bad luck. Thank God for antihistamines. I ended up missing the screenings of indie shorts at Fully Booked with the amazing Alexis Tioseco. Yay. :(

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