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August 1, 2003

i just got back tonight from saipan (that's a picture of the sunset on the beach) and guam with my dad, to check up on business back there. chances are, you've never heard of guam, or even know where it is on the map. i don't blame you. the last time i was there in 97, i swore it was a chunk of concrete in the middle of the pacific ocean. i couldn't understand how people could live there. well, they've gone a long way since. the airport is peachy keen, there are tons of new developments, and the island is teeming with korean and japanese tourists. it wasn't as bad as i expected it to be, although most of the time we were in saipan, which is an island 1/6th the size of guam. now that island is overflowing with tourists. one of these days i'd have to check out their beaches. i figured since we have business over there anyway, i wonder how it would be like to own beachfront property. wishful thinking. since its a tiny island, i've never really seen a longer horizon, with the absence of skyscrapers and flyovers that clog the sky.

i wish i were younger, so i know everything. i feel like the older i get, the more unsure i am of myself, the more questions there are to be asked and the more there is to be discovered. i guess i just have to get a grip on the spirit of my youth, and make myself in a brave new world.

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