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May 13, 2008


Updated my rig - I junked Windows in lieu of Ubuntu 8.04, and I'm currently in the process of re organizing all the junk data I've accumulated over the years. This includes ICQ chat logs from 1997, old emails and massive gigabytes of pictures, and other bits and pieces of nostalgia.

My 9 year-old CRT monitor also conked out and started flickering yellow intermittently. I had to smack it around to get the blue back on screen. I must say I was impressed though, given how long it was in service for. I'm now rocking out on a 21.6" TFT LCD. I would've gotten a dual 19" setup, but why get greedy?

I'm trying to simplify and streamline my work and play processes, which includes preference over open source (read: free) software. Everything is running good. Now I'll just need to clean up. Remember what they say: your inbox reflects who you are. And so does the bathroom mirror in the morning.

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  1. are we gonna visit civ 3 again? or are you gonna upgrade to call of duty 4? if you do,i dont think well see you for months again! hahhahahaaa :)

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