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March 10, 2008

I hardly write, because inspiring moments are far and seldom in between. And when they do appear, they tend to come and go, without any perceptible lasting impression. Or so we think.

I guess that is exactly what makes life exciting - the randomness of chance, and the beauty in which any given moment presents itself to us. How we may shrug off some things, or our sudden "aha!" moments when the unraveling of events lead to our perceived understanding of "life", and all the varying gray areas in between. What we bring out of our own conclusions, a lot of times become bigger than the actual events themselves.

I left my house at around 0830 to catch the last wave of the winter season at Big Bear with Wacky Abad-Santos. As I turn outside the gate, I'm greeted by a flock of blinky squad cars and yellow police tape around the entire lane going downhill. Police are interviewing a couple of bystanders standing around a parked Lexus SUV, there is some random debris on the road, and in front of the car is a go cart.

Someone got killed again outside our community this morning.

Apparently, there are (illegal) soapbox races down my hill every second Sunday of the month, and I never even knew about it. After a little bit of googling, I came across a quote worth noting on their group's forum. Sometimes, it may be applicable to a lot of other things in our lives as well:

Never put a question mark, where God has put a period.

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