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November 16, 2007

I'm up unnaturally early, since I passed out at the unheard of 2130 hours last night. I thoroughly wore myself out by completing the Vespa leg yesterday, and taking back the scooter from Fremont to Tarzana in one fell swoop - 400 miles in a straight shot running 9 hours. The route I took was straightforward along the 101, with a small bisection of CA-25 around Hollister and back on the 101 around San Miguel. All back in one piece!

The rear wheel is starting to square off again. I got the Continental Zippy 1's after reading all the fanfare on the forums of Modern Vespa, but am not quite impressed how it handles the rain grooves on highways while carrying a load. It seems very skippy and squirrelly, but it could be that maybe I shouldn't be on rain grooves in the first place ;)

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  1. hey lovine, alana told me you were up in the sb/goleta area recently. If you're ever around again, feel free to give me a ring. I would play harmonica for you and you could show me your cool gear.

  2. Mars! I know! I've passed by twice, but on both occasions I was rushing through (to setup camp at Big Sur or to head back down to SoCal). Would love to meet up, I'll let you know when I'm back around your neck of the woods :)

    Roy don't be ashamed you can ride with me on the backseat hehehe

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