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October 16, 2007

I just spent the last 8 hours on my ass, soaking up random stuff from various scooter and motorcycle forums. I mostly spent a good deal reading about obscenely long trips made on scooter and even on bicycle (!). Not even making an attempt to discover new places when you live in a world like this should be a crime.

Following the mild success of my LA-SF-LA Vespa saga (hey, it's a decent start of other adventures to come), I'm surprised it took me that long to connect the dots on my planned itinerary for the next two weeks. Planned Big Sur camping for the Halloween weekend, followed by this year's SEMA in Las Vegas. Still looking through the map if the trip would be remotely enjoyable, but am looking to camp at Red Rock Canyon State Park en route from Big Sur to Vegas. This would roughly be a 1,000 mile roundtrip journey, within close proximity of the previous trip I've done...

The problem is, what to do with Nickel... Is it time to buy Doggles?

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  1. buy it, buy it, buy it....so you'll look the same...white raccoon eyes on a dirt ladden face...HAHAHA.
    i love you both.

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