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September 12, 2007

hopped on the vespa and posted a grand total of 211 miles today! snaked my way down PCH all the way to costa mesa and into irvine to the canon service center to have one of my lenses repaired. one way (85 miles) took me a total of 3 hours to complete, mostly because of the stop and go nature of surface streets. there were some stretches of pulling 60-65mph beside the shimmering pacific ocean near huntington beach, but i really need to get some goggles, a face shield, or possibly a full-face. my eyes are always dried out. there was a stretch along sepulveda where trucks near the ports were belching soot into my face, and i literally had a stencil outline of my shades on my face by the time i made it back into the valley.

after making my way home to wash my gorgeous face, i hopped right back on the vespa to meet up with ex-co-worker peter pan who has the biggest crush on marie digby. the plan was to try and catch her at the hotel cafe, but the show sold out and peter's dreams of becoming a bona-fide fanboy were shattered. but only for tonight. fortunately, we were not ones to be deterred by a minor setback and had some damn good grub at huston's pit bbq. good stuff, holmes! eventually made our way back to hotel cafe and caught the next gig.

i'm dead tired, but am slowly getting back into the groove of placing myself in strangely amusing situations. i need to take more pictures. i don't want to jinx it, but i'm really looking forward to the coastal run up to san francisco...

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