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June 26, 2003

been drinking 4 out of the past 5 days. it can get pretty scary. but anyway.. yesterday i hung out with my cousins, and it was pretty chill.. right up until i heard noises outside my house. at first i thought it was my neighbor nextdoor, and so i went outside to investigate. apparently, they were pat o'brien's kids.. and i heard two guitars and the drums.. so i headed over, and they must've thought i was a disgruntled neighbor complaining about the noise. anyway, i ended up jamming with the kids. i plugged in my warwick into that wicked bass cabinet, and i fell in love with it. their equipment was just sick! the first thing i saw when i walked up was a paul reed smith and a classic les paul.. and easy 2000+ for each of them. good times, with good equipment. and it was really loud. REALLY loud. they're so young, that they'd be really good when they get older.. i hope.

saturday i had the party, and it was fun. i always like the mix of people who come to my parties, it always gets interesting. i was glad that my neighbor donna came over, and she brought her friends. i've always wondered if there were kids my age in this neighborhood, much less people who came from LMU!! definitely have to hang out with her. aside from that, good times with old friends. its just stupid for other people to flake out, they don't know what they're missing.

on sunday my cousin had a graduation party, and i got pretty faded.. i thought it would be a stricly family affair, but two of my cousins whom i haven't seen for a while were there, and its about time that we spent time to drink and what not. i had to drive home, but i was fine even though my grandmother witnessed me drink 6 coronas. monday and tuesday, andre and narcs have been coming over to lay down some tracks. we finished one with my sister singing, i'll post them up on my site when all the songs are done. we're kinda rushing though cos everyone's about to leave... andre for notre dame, narcs for hawaii, and me to manila. jj, the lucky bastard is going to greece. yikes. this is the life of a bum.. ahh, yeah!

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