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October 18, 2006

imagine that the world suddenly ceased to be 'real', and became detached from all your standard bearings of measurement. the truth is that you can fool yourself into believing what you choose to believe in. after all, there really is no foundation from where your realities are built on, aside from that is learned, experienced, and passively absorbed. there can be no thought nor reality that can stand alone by itself, since the generations preceding us have already defined it all before and have shoved it down your throat. all is bound by our experiences, enslaved to the routine of tactile, auditory, mental instances that define all that we can know. in some weird way, perhaps you can really only be, who you think you are. but even then, even promises don't mean anything to the passages of time - perhaps the sarcastic fragility of which makes it bear meaning.

nobody can stop you from deciding to build your own truths and triumphs. even if they may really constitute nothing at all - all that we can really come around to.

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