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June 7, 2003
on wednesday i finally got to see matrix reloaded. the cinematography was pretty bad ass, especially on those fight scenes.. the one with the freeway? i was getting scared at how good they filmed the whole thing and how seamless everything was. of course i found myself getting lost on the dialogue here and there, so i'd have to watch it again to get a full grasp of what the architect had to say.

watched the exorcist the other day with ponts. not as scary as the ring, but i guess i prefer the more spooky, supernatural vibe. its not like i'll be possessed by the devil anytime soon. and although its not like sadako would just pop out of my TV, but thats just scary shit to begin with.

spent the past two days with andre, jj, tom and narcs. had a MONSTER barbecue at my house this morning and drove down to orange country to jam, with jj's dad playing the skins. it was pretty decent, but its quite honestly a brutal tease knowing that this is what i live for over the summer and we can only jam next in two weeks. there's so much to learn and so much music to be made. i want a band. i NEED a band. :(

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