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June 3, 2006

too many major things going on today. everything that's starting to unfold is a tad bit too surreal, and it's uncanny that the most normal thing that happened today was finding ourselves in the midst of a free MTV movie awards taping for wolfmother. i scored some free tickets a few days ago and the partner-in-crime decided to drop on by to engage with the festivities. it took awhile for the gig to get fired up, but it definitely rocked my pants out once it did. i would say that my soul is definitely owned by rock and roll, but i don't think i should push it.

i'm driving up north to catch them again at live BFD (AFI, the strokes, franz ferdinand, echo & the bunnymen, yeah yeah yeahs, panic! at the disco, wolfmother...) and finally scored some tickets to their gig at the henry fonda the week after that. i'd say it's borderline groupie, but that pales in comparison to 2004's twice a week dosage of the now defunct barbie's cradle for almost more than 10 months. word.

and it's another big day in a few hours as baby lara wants out..

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