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May 28, 2003
got back from SF today, i spent 9 hours in the car! im totally pooped out. i drove up with ponts, and it wasn't a bad drive, we stopped by slo (san luis obispo) for lunch, and continued to bug the shit out of ourselves on the way up.

by the time we were shuttling around the bay area cities, i suddenly realized the futility of having ponts as a navigator. of course, i'm not saying that to bag on her. it's just surprising to find someone else aside from me who has no sense of direction.. well actually, she can read a map just as fine as anyone else. for some reason though, we just got lost everytime we tried to go somewhere - even back home.

on saturday i went to kathlyn's graduation at the ignatius church. it was really gorgeous inside, and once you step in, you won't be surpised that the institution is run by jesuits. we pigged out on a six-course morroccan bad-ass meal afterwards that left my stomach in a coma. the whole trip seemed like a cycle of eating, sleeping and getting lost driving. before we set out for LA, ponts and i bought a box of krispy kremes, and a bag of reese's and oreos. spell o-i-n-k?

i was really glad to see nannoo and sarah, but on the drive back home, it made me sad to think that we're on the cusp of a major change.. i'll never see nannoo walking around LMU again.. and that means she'll never harass me in public. and that's always good. but i'll miss it in a weird way.. *bite*

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  1. this is pretty random, i just googled lmu- the bluff and i got your page.

    i was wondering if you attend lmu.
    if you do, could you ever do me a favor and take a picture of this one bench on the bluff

    its called "the marriage bench"
    becase it has a plaque on it that says the bench is dedicated for all married couples, etc. etc.

    i just wanted the quote.

    its a fun project and a really nice favor for a stranger!!

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