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August 3, 2005

i am completely exhausted. but the beauty of my pain is in the choice that i've made to undertake it - to carry the burden each moment until the next, knowing that the only grace i have from falling is in the choice i've made to stand up longer, and push harder. i could always choose to cop out and vegetate in front of the telly like millions of other fat americans but there are times i'd rather not embody a statistic. i like basking in the grandeur of the moment, most especially when i've lost all remnants of strength and need to tap in my soul reservoir.. and most especially when the point is underlined by the fact that i have the option to quit. the choice, it seems, is what makes all the difference.

i feel good about this. you can dream as far as your heart can desire, but it's in that choice to open yourself, in that choice to allow yourself to dream, that you can really reach the ends of the universe.

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  1. Oh, there...

    Sorry, I thought your blog is not currently active. Perhaps because I was searching for links to my band's name when I stumbled upon an old entry of yours in which you mentioned Half Life Half Death. Thanks for remembering us. You may visit my blog site; and you may check out the profiles of some Filipino Rock bands you like, on Wikipedia.org. However, the article is still a work in progress.

    I'll flutter by your site regularly. And, if you don't mind, I want to link this with mine. Just leave me a note.

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