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June 10, 2005

we yearn to see a world overflowing with meaning, to be able to find the small treasures of truth that sustain the very fabric of our dreams. it would be nice to wakeup in the morning and actually look forward to the rest of the day, wondering what it holds in store for the adventurer..

but in the course of the day you're beset with reality checks. road rage, junk food, deadlines and mortgages. global warming, hunger, and the struggle of keeping afloat in a capitalist fishbowl. there must be some sort of detachment somewhere. there's some sort of disconnect that you want to bridge, between the world outside your eyes and the one inside your mind, trying to find an ominous equation that ties it all down into live-able sense. but until you find that equation to answer all the questions (which is probably never), we live in the wonderful mysteries of trying to solve life one waking moment at a time.

sometimes i wonder, maybe that disconnect is what really matters.

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  1. It’s easy to live in a disconnected world, most especially when society likes to emulate/live the individualistic North American consumerist lifestyle. Just look at how we live, we want our own car, big house in the ‘burbs, and buy our own things, which eventually leads to environmental degradation. We basically ignore that what we do in a local level affects us globally.
    Maybe the equation to your answer is that we should follow the principles of sustainability or triple bottom line (not just the economic part of it but this also includes social equity, environment and education).

    Hmmm…maybe connecting the disconnected is what really matters.


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