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June 7, 2005

my new hobby is sniffing dry-erase markers, and drinking liters of bottled water to initiate bathroom pilgrimages. non-linear post-it poetry offers progressive therapy during moments of oversaturated boredom, which is rarely the case inside the windowless office room on my round coffee table. medium and large size binder clips are my new friends, and together we face the rough world of application in-scope documentation in the valiant crusade of sarbanes-oxley compliance. the network copier machine is in heat! prop up the white collars, fo shizzle!


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  1. i love binder clips! aren't they just the niftiest? i use them to seal my left-over junk food to keep 'em fresh. i have a plethora of post-its surrounding my desk with doodles and scribbles of flowers. what a happy work day!

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