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May 31, 2005


quite the interesting weekend. between getting pretty faded, reeking of alcohol before your best friend's family dinner, running out of gas on the freeway and valiantly pushing a 4x4 to a gas station that's so close yet so far away, to collective weekend parallel snafus across friendships; i'm pooped, burnt but steady-bears as can be.

kath and dan are finally leaving for thailand, and i made the final relay of picking up their visa-ed passport. of course, that's the reason i claim for missing my flight out to sanfo (i got the next one, no prob bob), instead of the real reason that i drove home grinding against rush hour long-weekend traffic to check if my package had arrived. which by good graces, it did. and i'll be posting pics up hopefully soon.

winded down the weekend with pat and kat, who unveiled the mystery of the disappearing domes that sit on the foot of the golden gate. maybe one day we'll catch it along the horizon! i took them to pakwan, on 16th and guerrero along the mission for indian food remeniscent of mr. kabob fare. the multitude of times i've been up around town with kathlyn has definitely changed the way i see this city. i wonder how it'll be without her around.. :'c

the weekend in general, feels akin to meeting someone that you feel like you've already known. here's to the next round of (mis)adventures! :)

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