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April 12, 2005

i came across this in the philippine daily inquirer a few minutes ago. what struck me was the prayer he wrote moments before taking his life. inspite the beauty of what is written, it belies tragedy.

i feel like we will all face the same questions, of how our small lives fit into the greater scheme of things. not only by trying to search for meaning, but in trying to keep our heads above the torrents of a corrupt world in a struggle to keep our faith- even the smallest faith, the smallest truths that are only true because we believe in them.

From: Ted Borlongan
Subject: My prayer

GOD asked me to wait; I endured. God asked me to do right; I struggled for what was right. I kept strong outside, but stood alone. My unbearable fear, burden and pain for the sake of others and my family, I shared only with God.

O where is Justice? Where is Truth? Where is Compassion? It is Your face Lord, I truly seek. If not now, then after this lifetime. If not here, then in Your kingdom.

I finished my race; I fought my good fight; I did not give up; I kept my faith. Yet death may still bear meaning or purpose for others, if not our lives.

Lord, look upon us with mercy and love in our last moments of human frailty. Let me sing You praise and glory forever in Your house.

may he rest, in peace.

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  1. Friend/classmate of my dad's. Lot of people were pretty pissed about him because of the bank failure, close friends included...but this reminds me so much of Cory's number one biz guy who did the same after Edsa.

  2. It's so f@%^*#&*$ hot here...and I just got back from Bohol and Bicol. Panglao Island's nice. Good place for photos.

    Sabi nila BSP/Buenaventura were harrassing them because Ramos was their Chairman (this was Erap impeachment times, remember), causing a confidence in crisis, and then the eventual bank run. (Alala ko I used to print up my dad's mail from their class yahoogroup, him being such a technophobe and all...big fething mess).


  3. Eh...dammed triggery finger. Whoops. Bad analogy.

    Anyway...Cory's finance guy...I think his name was Jimmy Ongpin, used to be a top honcho of Benguet Corporation.
    Took his life, I think, due to severe depression, thinking that he failed the Filipino people.

    Then again, this was 87'ish, so I'm not so familiar with it. Naalala ko lang yung mga usap-usapan noong araw ng mga tito-tita ko, eh. :p

  4. i read that same article and felt sad with what happened. It's really hard to keep your principles and dignity in times of pressure and fear.. I'm sure he fought a good fight until he finally took away his own life...

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