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January 15, 2005

obligatory vain picture. sorry. 'sup, brah?went out to santa monica to bring our friend olaf from deutscheland out. study abroad rocks. maybe had a drink too many, but what's life for if you don't enjoy the excess? as nietzsche would say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. and if is does, well, live fast.. and die faster.

( wir machen spaß )

jetlag? no excuses for your first weekend in LA! woot!

crouch down a little bit so we're all the same height, dammit.

crashed this anniv party in santa monica at this place called the kutting room, where this band called the soccer moms were rockin out. pretty hip crowd, scored a shot of some sort of vodka creme liquor, then off to gotham where i drowned myself in B52's. i need to get out more often. i guess i realized that the world isn't as square as you think it is. although i've been many places and left my presumptions many places, there's always more to than what you think you can discover.

off to san francisco tomorrow. hoping to take wonderful pictures, and meet up with wonderful friends. the world get smaller, but is never small enough, is it?

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