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December 21, 2004

my eyes are open but can hardly see, i listen to music in the middle of the night and its the only thing that seems to make sense in a deep entanglement of numb emotion. heavy dosage of winston and the telescreen whom i saw last saturday, and listening to this band called phoenix right now. good stuff.

how much faster is the speed of light in comparison to the electrical nervous wirings in our bodies? random musings that might have some drunken philosophical meaning. too bad i'm sober.

i've had this blog since '02. funny how it changes month per month, and i really don't know what direction its headed. babbling idiot one moment, drunken kung fu master the next. elevator girl flop-sided anti-romance, secret messages between the lines. happy, sad, down and out and high up and about, i'll still be around i guess. it's just weird thinking that someone's reading this. almost as if its some sort of sick twisted voyeourism. but for what it's worth, i still try to tread across as much of the world i can sink my toes into. literally, and figuratively. as the wonderful japanese would proclaim.. all your base are belong to us.

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