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October 17, 2004

i rode the mechanical bull tonight. i think i did pretty decent, but that's most probably because i'm a flyweight. all's well that ends well. but at the end of the day, all i really want is to be alone in the solace of my bed while the rain drizzles outside. that's not too much to ask. sometimes, i need a timeout. vanish like the rabbit in a hat, the secret ace back up the sleeve, pack my bags up and leave.

i've been wanting to find the answers, but i don't even know the questions. where the hell is the exit sign?

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  1. an unsolicited advice - "a rolling mass of lithic conglomerate does not attract a horde of small green bryophytic plants"

  2. from a mechanical bull to meaning and direction in life?

    this would make for good emo song lyrics. record mo na!

  3. ano ba ang katumbas ng pag-ibig? nabibili ba ito? hindi pare, pinaghihirapan. ayos ang iyong pagpapanik at pagsakay sa isang torong mekanikal na praning. sa susunod na gimik na lamang uli. jamming-game ka pa ba?

  4. nga pala dude, halatang trip ka nung dalagitang kasama mo, kaso lang parang di siya sigurado sa kaniyang nararamdaman. ayon ay binase ko lamang ayon sa mga lenguahe ng kaniyang katawan(body language-nyek). mabuhay ka.

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