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August 19, 2004

if i had to take serious dibs on a hobby, i'd have to say collecting friends. that would make such an invaluable resource, a natural springboard into other alien things. its like having one wish, and you'd wish for more wishes. if i had a hobby, i'd collect friends so i can be inspired by the things they do as well. anyway what led me to jot this down is that a lot of times i have a specific question floating in my mind that can't be answered by a search engine, and there's a need for me to converse with someone who can fill in the gaps.

although i must say i already do have a diverse set (i mean, look at you. you're weird), for some reason i always feel like its never enough. i want to look at my friends list, my phonebook, and have an inherent search engine waiting at my fingertips. everyone's their own expert for their own quirk. not mere machines, but breathing, thinking souls like mine. pardon the rant, i gotta shape up on my writing. fleeting at best, it doesn't help that my thoughts are hardly even cohesive.

a kiss for the birthday boyand i'd like to share a few apt parting words from mikko the happy birthday boy: "the whole world conspired for that trip. everyone else will have their own great experience to share. you had yours, share it!" i'm a whore like that. lets share each other's experiences. happy birthday, brah. :)

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  1. last night, i walked around the village.. and as i took courage to look straight into a very dark alley, i remembered ivana... walking around the smallest town in the country, scared of the dark... and receiving cat calls because of our skirts. swak iyun man! til next time!

  2. whenever i feel lonely and worthless looking at my phone book makes me realize the diffrence i made in peoples lives. ego trip! keep on writing!

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