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August 13, 2004

i guess one of the reasons why i'm still unemployed is my exposure to an inane amount of uninspiring moments. i sit here at home staring at a pale lcd, randomly drifting about trying to fill in the voids of an attention span found under the water.

i need to get busy. last night i thought of a new project, involving the construction of a night-light based on the waxen beer glasses i scored in deutscheland. i'll see how that goes. this site, as usual, is an on-going project in the making.

i'm glad andre stayed for a couple of days this week. he gave me a much needed reality check, and unknowingly made me face a direction that has been fogged out of view by my delaying tactics of recent months. i've never been as comfortable with anyone else in discussing nerd fart such as finance and accounting. we all have our own quirks, and i've known this guy long enough to realize that he knows what he's talking about. he shoots the shit straight to you, with no pretensions. it's people like him who make me realize that i want to work, and really work for something aside from just going through the actions.. i feel like we could own the world, if we wanted to.

a random jellybean stuck in the gears; here's a concrete reason why i haven't found a job yet. i'm studying for the funk exam (743k).

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  1. Accounting and Finance huh? Kick Ass!!! By the way, called ya about that jam session and that Asian American showcase for a record contract. Dude let me know what's up? Ingat ka, at tawagan mo ako. Let's get this started man. Geri =)

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