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August 6, 2004

the weirdest thing happened. i watched waking life, but had to stop in the middle cos i fell into a deep slumber. i was passed out the rest of the afternoon and had the most vivid dreams, which i don't remember aside from knowing that i was dreaming at those moments. weird that i passed out like that, considering how late i wokeup and how upside down my clock as turned.

before the movie...

sister: you drank beer?

me: no, why?

sister: there's an empty bottle here on the sink.

me: oh, i threw it outside.

sister: what? why?

me: it's my friend's birthday.. deutsche.

sister: ...

sister: you know what, i was cleaning out my old wallet a few days ago, and i saw his name and number on a piece of paper. i stopped for a second, and thought about him.. maybe its a way for him to remind us.. awww deutsche. :c

happy birthday, brah. we miss you man.

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