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Snail Mail is Fun

October 10, 2011

Hello friends,

I'm on the USPS website about to splurge on some stamps. As some of you may know, we sporadically send out random postcards from our mini postcard printer. We try to keep it interesting, and try to combat spam (the bad kind) with snail mail power.

Tree stumps make me sad.

Hit the comments with your email on the form (it doesn't show up when the comment is published), or shoot me an email at blog[at]lovine.com with your postal and I'll put you on the list for random snail mail action. If you have received postcards before but changed address, let me know so I can update my records.

"Doesn't matter where you're from, love is always free from Lovine.com"

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17 comments on “Snail Mail is Fun”

  1. Sounds awesome! It's Nicole Navarrete. can I have some please 14300 # 49 terra Bella at. Panorama city ca 91402

    I need to find out kevin's address. I bet he would love one! :)

  2. Awesome initiative Lovine. Hit me with one please! I'll DM you on Twitter for my postal in the PH. Cheers!

  3. hi I am Ruth Periquet. I am fan of lovine.com since 2008. i love the photos here. Can I have one too?
    Ruth Periquet
    Home Guaranty Corporation
    335 Gil Puyat Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines

  4. I love snail mails! Please add me on your list and I'd send you one in return!

    Jenalyn Batac
    Blk 619 Bedok Reservoir Road
    #10-1398 Singapore 470619

    Oh, and congratulations on your wedding!

        1. changing your name, wont change everything! i knew what you did last year! you fucking bitch!!! the whole world will know what kind of whore you are!!! WHORE!!!!

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