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June 16, 2004

sometimes i wish i were back in college. not to study, but to meet more people. not just random people, but more specifically, hot girls! just kidding (ehe!). went to ateneo today to visit pao puno, that guy is "top dog" in my book! among random things, i also went to see sir bernie santos while a cloud of mosquitos ate my legs in HS, and then ran into the sayo sisters taking over the teachers lounge back at college.

this is tracy and erika. they are my good friends, but i really don't understand why. i think thats why i know i loff them :)

starting tomorrow, i'll be interning (somewhat) at the philippine stock exchange. i spent a considerable amount of time trying to crack my double windsor, but its both a bit long and lopsided. this is really frustrating. puh. aside from that, i'm pretty beaver about it! two more weeks, gotta start cracking!

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