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Exhaust Headers

September 28, 2011



I did the work a month ago before I left for a business trip. I started by taking it to an exhaust shop and had them fabricate new 2" pipes from the cat all the way to the back, and slap on a turbo muffler. To save money, I opted to install the header myself a few weeks later, which eventually meant I had to drop the entire exhaust system, and drive it back to the shop to have the collector welded back to the cat. Driving with the headers disconnected from everything else, I expected it to be loud, but loud is an understatement. I felt like I was driving a machine gun. I got a thumbs up from the guy mowing the lawn, and dirty looks (I imagined) from everyone else. I'm a Leo and bask in attention, but never the bad kind. I was sweating balls until I got to the shop.

Have a lot more things I am working on, and the bucket list for the Shitzuki is getting longer. Almost done with a little suspension work. I put in heavy duty shackles, and replaced all the stock shock absorbers (one was totally shot). I just need to torque it up and tear up some pavement with my 1.3L mini motor!! And I need to sleep. Now.

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