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March 29, 2004

pictures from tali beach from last weekend and tagaytay are online! we had a splash! ok. corny. but its late at night, i'm tired, and i'm not in the mood to write anything extensively detailed. i just want to sleeeeep.

okay, so i'm nearing the end of my citibank contract and i need to make the small decisions that would eventually shape the bigger outcomes that lie waiting in the dark. i can't tell if i'm excited, but there's just this general uneasiness bubbling in my tummy. i wish i could just fart it out, but i think the butterflies are here to stay.

man, its getting really hot down here. it's not even funny. its like you're trapped in a bubble of hot air when you walk outside, and the heat isn't even atmospheric. okay, i made that term up meaning that its not the normal kind of hot where it just blends with the general environment. now, whenever i step outside, i'm not aware of anything except for the heat. hassle.

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