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March 31, 2011


I have no more time to keep monkeying around, lest I get fired (!).  I think I've done what I can (except check the lines for further blockage... which I hope is an easy fix to just flush the line out).  I've taken out the new fuel pump and put it back together, changed all rubber fuel lines, and replaced the fuel filter.  Crank the engine but the lines are still bone dry. The fuel filter is dry and empty, nothing is sucking up the gas from the tank.  I was already starting to drain the battery and my sanity, when I figured might as well spend some reasonableness and have someone with a clear mind take a look at it.  And so now I'm here at a local Border's, probably the only one left in the San Fernando Valley, waiting for word on the Shitzuki situation.. Le sigh.

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