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March 1, 2004

manila is so annoyingly hot. its damn humid and gross. you step outside of the office and then you're hit by a wall of warm suffocating air that clogs all your pores and makes you start sweating like a little hippo under the sun.. even without the sun out. i hate this weather, it makes me want to walk around with no shirt, but that won't do anyone justice because i'm currently nursing a baby beer belly. but at least, as my friend says, there's something to hold on to. i wish i had a sex pack. gotta start running soon!

dinner with anna and gladys was great. i needed something like that after a long shitty day.

despite the smolty weather (hey i made that word up just now.. cool beans), i still most definitely love it here because of three things. first is the food. how can you live without laing, kilawin, sisig, and everything? i'd die. second are the people. everyone's so real. everyone's such a colorful mix, but differences aside there's something that ties everyone together. last is mixing food, people, and beer.. people know how to have a good time. not that other people don't, but i'm just getting sentimental. i'm crossing my fingers for manila's tomorrow, but that's another story.

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