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February 28, 2004

in the short span of time that we're awake, we string together all these waking moments into an endless tapestry of colorful misadventures.. albeit at times it may seem monotonous simply because you're stuck in the moment. but there are times that moment can be very defining. i think what's wonderful about the whole thing is that we have so much to learn: not only from your experiences, but sharing them with others. needless to say, i've had an interesting night ranging from secrets uncovered to a girl humping the car i was driving for tonight. very interesting i must say, although i get uncomfortable when the topic of conversation is a material possession.. i just don't want people to get the wrong impression.

all i really ever need is someone i can talk to, and share life. people with open doors, open minds, open souls. its a huge sea of people, but all you ever really need is a couple of beers and good conversation. :">

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  1. cheers to that lovine - i miss talking with you - those late nites of smoking cloves and watching people throw up bottle caps - those were good times. I miss the old days and I MISS YOU!!! :) Love ya

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