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February 3, 2004

interesting things happen when kathlyn is around. she's visiting manila for a week, because she has a business trip in hongkong. i swear to god this girl shows up in manila so randomly. the last time she was here two years ago, she popped up one random summer day out of nowhere. and now here she is, flaunting her new LA sculpted boob job. word!

her barkada seriously cracks me up.. i miss all of them! especially when we're all together! a crapload of us trooped over to their new condo in salcedo village for dinner. i'll post the pictures in a bit, as soon as i sort out the raunchy ones that will get these children in trouble. just kidding!! sexy in salcedo. lampungan sa lafayette. you children are so pretty, but just a little bit mental. and that's why i love you guys! quite a monday to kickoff the week, i reckon. :">

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  1. loviney, Janice is moving to New York! she'll be gone before you get back though. just wanted to let you know. love ya!

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