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January 23, 2004

the first few weeks i started working at citibank, i remember staying late trying to keep up with work and preparing for the next day. on top of that, i invested a little time after 5-thirsty to sit down and figureout macros slash visual basic in excel.. in the name of nerdism, to automate my task of generating approval letters. it was fun because i had to sit down and think out the process of how the automation would be done - but now i have a problem. everything runs peachy keen, and cuts the time it would take me to put on a monkey suit and click the mouse repetitively like a robot. on top of that, one of the big projects i was hired for is already maturing. so i end up staring out the 18th floor window, wishing someone cleaned the windows spotless so i can take purty pictures of the sunset.

i will have no job. i will be useless. i cannot stand being idle, i need someone to push my buttons (not the kinky kind, but hey i wouldn't mind.. just kidding). or maybe i have a shitload of things to do, i just don't know what they are.. yet. shet.

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  1. lovine, why dont you just worry about taking purty pictures from the comfort of your very own window seat in a plane headed back to California. You gotta face the facts, Citibank doesnt want you anymore, they are saying "go home little boy." Now quit yammering and buy that ticket!!!

  2. i agree with johnny, the phillipines is no longer the empire that it once was. California is the land of opportunity especially now that Ahnuld is governer (note: bitter and sarcastic remark!!) Hey come home soon or else im going to continue having full-on conversations with myself.

  3. you should take your idle time and check out babes strutting their stuff around greenbelt... just a suggestion...hehehe

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