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Hot and Wet

October 14, 2010

Ran into a Thai restaurant awhile ago to satisfy a late night Pad Si Eew craving.

First lesson of the night is to pay attention. When a Thai restaurant asks how spicy you want your dish, medium means shit my balls spicy.

Second lesson of the night is to pay attention. When the table of 20 teenagers behind you scream in anguish when the staff tells their table that they ran out of water, medium means shit my balls spicy. I couldn't help but overhear the commotion: "What? No more water? Call the fire department!" and "Brah look at my lips they're so red.. It's like I have an STD on my face" could possibly mean that the restaurant serves spicy food. Quite possibly.

Third, is to pay attention. Never leave your car window open while you eat inside a restaurant with tinted windows because you'll never know when it'll start pouring outside while you're too busy sweating it out indoors.

Brah, call the fire department.

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