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Wake Up

July 24, 2010

"Brothers and sisters, we should not allow this pride of hatred and scapegoating to infect the rest of the country. And one of the ways we could do that, is to stop it in Arizona. SB1070 is not only a racist law, it is a divisive law. And the millions who sign it into law are doing something that I view is an insult to our collective intelligence. What they are saying, is that our intelligent sisters in our migrant legal community are the problem. But they are the ones causing the economic problems. But the names of the people who are creating this economic crisis are not Garcia, Martinez, dela Rocha, or Morello... The names of the people who are creating this crisis are the hands of Goldman Sachs and AIG, and corporate America. They are the ones who took the jobs out of the country and then tried to blame it on our brothers and sisters suffering in Arizona for the problems. Well tonight, and every night, we need to step up and defend the rights of our brothers and sisters. Si se puede..

Si se puede! So wake up!! Wake up!!"
- Zack de la Rocha
July 23, 2010

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