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December 21, 2003

the christmas time bomb is ticking.. i've bought nothing for anyone, because i'm a selfish brat. well, not really (yeah shutup). i'd rather use my resources to find something that people would actually find amusing instead of buying something just for the sake of giving it. is it the thought that counts? well it counts when you actually think about it first. hehe.

last friday before lunch with gladys, eggy, and cecile, i found out that people are people opened shop near my building. holy shit. you should've seen me, i went straight after work at exactly 5:30, spent an hour trying everything, and blew half of my salary by the time i was done. deadly. i don't spend much on stuff, but when i do, i go all out and its all over.

gatch, lov, egg, cilelast night i went out with gatch, egg, and cecile. be proud, i opted out of BC's last gig of the year at makati (also due to the fact that there was a 400 peso minimum consumable charge. boloks. i've spent enough as it is). we went to this place called olive bar, and it was sick. the girls were hot, the music was good, and the drinks were free from 10-12. how could you go wrong? - only when you text an underage balikbayan cousin to invite him to go out drinking, when its my aunt who has the phone. oops. dear family, i am not a bad influence nor an alcoholic. amen!

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  1. saturday was a blast! that's nuts that gatch popped in death cab for a cutie's transatlanticism for you in the car. nuts man. good taste that man.

  2. u feel xmas? hmm...its chilly...kold... merry christmas kidd.. have a blast. go have a few drinxx.. Ü stay safe.. *are yer fingers complete for the new yr? hopefully.. :)

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